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Una’s spotlight: Reduce Red Tape

We often hear in the news of calls to reduce government red tape and probably deservedly so! (See James Caan on the case: But have you considered the potential red tape in your own organisation?

It is so easy to carry on doing things the way that they’ve always been done without ever stopping to consider if that’s really necessary or even desirable.

When is the last time – if ever – you did an audit of your systems, processes and procedures? What about asking your teams to delete X many forms or procedures? Perhaps they could consolidate or shorten them even if they can’t get rid of them altogether.

The best place to start is with your customers. What do they complain about? Why might they leave your company for your competitors? If you don’t deal directly with your organisation’s customers, who are your internal customers?

Ask them what’s the one thing that they’d like to change about dealing with your team?

This is a really simple way to begin to eliminate the bureaucracy that creeps in as organisations grow and age.

It can help you to focus on what’s the real value that you offer and to clear away the clutter that stops people getting to that true value.

Imagine the results you could gain? Hours saved, happier customers and even happier staff.

Has each member of your team figured out what you could do with that extra time that really adds more value? If each team member did what they did best then performance can really flow, creating a virtual cycle of achievement and satisfaction.

All from looking to reduce red tape. You never know where it will lead…


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