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Una's Spotlight: Succession Planning – Replacing Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus?

Not all situations that require thoughtful succession planning will be as extreme as the one potentially facing microcredit pioneer Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus as specified in this article. However it is something that prompted some thought on the topic…

What would happen in your team or your business if you or another significant leader weren’t there? Would everything run like clockwork or would it all fall apart? If the latter then it may be time to give the matter some serious consideration. You never know when somebody may need time off for ill-health, to care for a family member, decides to take early retirement or simply is lured by the competition or finally setting off to the South of France to start that vineyard…

Is there someone (or even better, several someones) being groomed to take leaders’ places? Have you taken into consideration the dynamics of the whole team? Could you be lured by the excitement of somebody from outside the business and forget about the hardworking talent already in your company?

Maybe one of the best ways to consider succession planning – and indeed talent management – within your organisation is as a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Who have you already got at different levels that are interested in progressing their careers?
  • Are they and their teams in flow?
  • If not, why not? (Richard Branson says when a team member isn’t performing, its often a sign they are in the wrong role!)
  • What roles could people progress up to in the jigsaw, that still keep them in flow,with the best accountabilities for their profile?
  • Which is the ideal profile to lead the team at this particular time given the goals and targets?
  •  How can you move the pieces around and still end up with the bigger picture that you desire?

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