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Unas Spotlight: The success equation

During a recent Talent Dynamics Profile Debrief session, I was explaining a key principle and the client suddenly got it. In fact they gave me a whole new metaphor for it, which I said I would share with you.

We were discussing how this person’s lack of focus is having a real negative impact on their business. Typically when this happens with people their energy is dissipated across too many projects. That will have an impact on the people who they are interacting with as the vibe they give off is likely to be more scattered than focused. Even if they don’t realise why, that scattered approach can stop people buying from you or even wanting to work with you.

At some level they’ll have a gut reaction that you’re not really committed to or perhaps not confident about some aspect of the product or project. Stop for a moment, do you remember ever thinking that something would be very logical to do but for some reason you didn’t because it just didn’t feel right?

Another result of this lack of focus is that often they don’t complete things or see them right through to fruition. It can be a great way to have lots of motion – which feels good – yet little progress.

A key distinction that we use at TDHQ when dealing with this situation is that just because you have a garden full of plants and busy (with weeds in it too) that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a great garden. Even pretty weeds can have a dramatic negative impact on the flowers. Multiplication is sometimes about division. Remove a large patch of weeds and suddenly a small patch of flowers come into bloom and grow rapidly.

If you think of the word ‘integrity’, one of its meanings is ‘the state of being complete or undivided’. It’s about being whole and complete like the number 1. The point this client made is that if you are less than 1, i.e. divided into fractions then that’s a problem when you attempt to multiply your results. You see, when you multiply a fraction it keeps getting smaller!

Whether you like maths or not I know everybody like’s adding up their profits. If you want the sum of your profits to increase, then increasing your focus is definitely an equation for success.

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