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Unas spotlight: Walk a mile in their shoes

Receiving my Step 2 certification from Master Trainers Michelle, Vicky and Tamami in Bali this month.

How do you define the best customer service? Is it being friendly? Is it coming from the perspective that the customer is always right? Is it giving the customer what they want, or is it something else?

I’ve just returned from Bali where I attended the Talent Dynamics Annual Conference and Step 2 Accreditation Training. This was my first visit to Indonesia and I was so impressed by the service I received – it really was phenomenal!

It made me question the service and approach of so many UK companies that really just pay lip service to customer service. How many stories have you seen on Facebook or LinkedIn for instance that spell out the abominable way that somebody you’re connected to has been treated?

In some countries it seems to be just expected that service will be poor. People shrug their shoulders and say it can’t be done any other way, you can’t get the staff or that the management don’t really care.

In today’s connected world this attitude would be a big mistake. Customers are voting with their feet and it’s often easy – sometimes even easier – for them to buy from another company and even country.

The UK is a Dynamo country with many creative people who are great at being inventors, entrepreneurs and strategists. Often they can find it hard to think like a customer because they have their head in the clouds and are too busy thinking a million miles an hour of new ideas and strategies.

Indonesia in contrast has many Trader profiles with high Tempo energy. These people have their feet on the ground and tend to be very connected to the market and to customers. They don’t just spend time thinking about customers, they naturally feel what they want. They also take the time to ask them, to check in with them. They know how to walk in their shoes.

This gives a whole new meaning to customer service. Instead of innovation that could potentially drive customers away where there is a lack of depth in the connection with the customer, those with Tempo energy will implement the little things that together add up to a completely different experience for the customer, driving loyalty and repeat purchases.

I’ll definitely be returning to Bali, not just because it is a beautiful country but because I felt relaxed, understood, cared for and like I really mattered. How does that contrast to your daily experience of customer service?

In this global and increasingly competitive economy, make sure you have some Tempo energy on your team and listen to what they say. How you listen to them is how you listen to your customers. It matters…

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