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What B1G1 are saying about Talent Dynamics joining them in Partnership, allowing us to to 'give' more effectively

Submitted by paul on Mon, 01/03/2011 – 12:45

When education ‘begets’ education

Remember all those Bible sequences where someone ‘begat’ someone who then went on to ‘begat’ someone else.

My dictionary defines it briefly as ‘causing’ or ‘fathering a child’. How cool is it when you do something great that then causes something else that’s great to happen.

Michelle Clarke and her team at Talent Dynamics are doing precisely that.

Talent Dynamics dramatically (and I do mean ‘dramatically’) enhances performance of companies by making certain that everyone in every team is operating in that wonderful peak state called ‘flow’. It’s a brilliant process with stunning results.

And now, every time someone goes through the TD License Accreditation Programme, a child in India gets education for an entire month at the Sevalaya School. And Sevalaya is a great cause — it’s won the TCS-Education World Award for Innovative Value Education from among 25000 schools from all over India.

For Michelle, being a part of B1G1 is almost like a ‘coming out’ in a charitable sense. She puts it like this:

We have always had a policy to give back generously and we have done this almost ‘covertly’ in the past, because we didn’t think others needed to know about it. But now we realise that in the US alone, less than 4% of all contribution comes from business. So we decided it was time to ‘out’ our contributions and show it in a very transparent way through B1G1. We firmly believe that by doing this we can encourage other businesses to do something similar.

And it’s more than that too. Michelle and the team regard the Sevalaya School as just a start.

We’ve got many interesting variations and options with our programs and so we now have the possibility of linking each option to a different type of cause, Michelle says. And we even have the opportunity to match the project directly to our clients’ interests so that each program can, in fact, have literally hundreds of different projects linked to it.

You can see more on the great work Michelle and the Talent Dynamics team are doing right here. And you can see more about B1G1 simply by clicking the HOME tab above or clicking right here.

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