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Which Profile makes the best Leader?

An interesting question that gets posed on a regular basis…

Someone had to take the lead...

Last week, I was sent an article, describing the difference between Leadership and Management. A typical school of thought, that when analysed, suggests that Dynamo/Blaze profiles are the kinds of people we should be seeking as ‘leaders’.  It also described  a typical view of a ‘manager’, (having made them sound a lot less valuable) The way they described the Manager, exemplified the Steel and Tempo profiles.

Now, I understand why these schools of thought exist…  People can find the strategists , the Visionaries, the out of the box thinkers, the enigmatic, warm and people focused profiles more attractive… That’s one of their natural talents, these profiles tend to shine more, just by being the way they are. However, when you consider that the wealthiest man on the planet right now, Warren Buffett, is an Accumulator Profile. An introvert by nature. Systemized, planned, thorough and precise and he leads the business,  it kind of questions that ‘School of Leadership’ thought…

I was debriefing a Star Profile the other day, who up until 6 months ago, was hailed as the visionary leader in his business.  Quite literally, he was seen as a Star leader amongst others. His strong passion, vision, ability to excite and inspire others with new and bold projects, was exactly what was needed – until the financial crisis occurred, when his greatest talents became his biggest challenge. The business focused on cost cutting, restructure, detail and precision. He said he couldnt have felt more out of flow if he had tried and was aware that his ‘Talents’ were now being viewed as poor performance by the business.

A Lord profile I discussed this with, told me of how, until discovering her profile and value she rarely took the lead, always feeling in the shadow of the more extroverted profiles. However, when finally able to work in a team, that understood the profiles and knew her value, they recognised that it was crucial she took the lead on a project that required Clarity, Detail, Systems and information.  The project was an enormous success, the level of productivity was excellent and for the first time the team felt they had really grounded and succesfully completed a project. For the first time, she realised she was a Leader. Now, she knows there is a time and place where she is required to step up and that she too can ‘shine’

You see, there is no best profile to be a Leader. All 8 Profiles have tremendous Leadership qualities and abilities. True, they go about the delivery of that Leadership in a very different way and thats what makes them so valuable to your business.

Knowing that there is a time or situation, that is most appropriate for a particular profile to take the lead is really important

Here are the Leadership attributes and strengths from the different energies. It may help you as you determine who should be taking the lead on what and why its important to place value on all of them.

  • Dynamo Profiles – Task focused. Great at Initiation and getting things started. New projects. Action takers.
  • Blaze Profiles – People focused. Great at motiviating the team to action. Encourages strong collaboration and working to strengths.
  • Tempo Profiles – Activity focused. Great at consultation and connection. They ensure projects are delivered within timescales and to dependencies.
  • Steel Profiles – Data focused. Great at calculation of information and attention to detail. Ensures that clarity exists and completion occurs.

10 Responses to Which Profile makes the best Leader?

  1. carmel cotis says:

    thanks Michelle this what I was brainstorming today for the MOH training school qnd clients in general
    have a great day
    C x

  2. Oh yes Michelle, we Lord profiles can be of huge value in a financial crisis or when the business needs clarity around the numbers, so long as we communicate our message so that it can be heard by the rest of the team! That is the sercret in my experience!

  3. Yes, thats very true Kay! What are the best ways you have found to help make sure that communication gets heard?

  4. Peter Botlon says:

    SUPPORTERS are the best because im one of them and were the best at understanding people and what there feeling 😛 thats how were good leaders or somthing like that xD HEY MUM

  5. That sounds like a persuasive arguement Peter 🙂

  6. Ravi Thatte says:

    What profile is best as a leader depends on what stage of its cycle the business is in. Different strengths are required at different phases of the business. Sure, there are some profile that are extroverted and more likely to suit leadership positions, but overall, the leader needs to be what the business needs.

  7. Absolutely Ravi. It also depends on the specific strategy being implemented at the stage of the cycle – Talent Dynamics is incredibly deep and we couldnt explain it all in a short blog but we do our best to drop in as many tips and strategies as we can along the way – later this year we will have a leadership specific programme which will be exiting to launch! 🙂

  8. Ravi Thatte says:

    Thanks, Michelle. It has been a while since I attended the Wealth Dynamics Weekend and the Bali Business School, by whatever name called. The principle is always at the back of my mind, though I have often had to compromise on who I partnered with in my business ventures – the so-called pragmatism. Time for a refresher – will look forward to news about the program.

  9. Gracias Michelle. Cuando una persona tiene la pasión por hacer algo, se ve gratamente obligado a tomar el liderazgo.

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