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You care about kids, like we do, so you need to see this.

Isn’t enough, enough?

How much more do we need to hear about the state of our global education system or the state of our environment before we decide to do something radical about it?

Do you think it’s time for a shift in how we educate our kids, and how we look after our environment? Then, I’d invite you to join me with my good friend, Roger Hamilton and some inspiring educational changemakers from The Greenest School on Earth, The Green School, for a very special evening in either Melbourne or Perth this March.

You see, these extraordinary individuals are already reshaping the educational system and have been getting a huge amount of global media and acknowledgement for the outcomes students are achieving as a result of their revolutionary work.

Hear about “The Future of Education”, and get to meet parents and teachers in your area who too care about our children and are keen to learn the latest innovations in education.

You can book your complimentary seat here, limited seats available:

19th March – Melbourne (

22nd March – Perth (

“Supercamp is a model learning environment.” – CNN

“A new breed of summer camp.” – WALL STREET JOURNAL

“An awakening for students to their academic and social potentials..” – BOSTON GLOBE

“An ecologically balanced seat of learning, where there are no walls and the only light is the natural kind. Nowadays there is such a place: Green School on the island of Bali.” – FINANCIAL TIMES

“These students are the ones who are going to make a difference in this world.” – CNBC

A revolution on your doorstep

In 2012, Green School, Bali was awarded the title of “Greenest School on Earth” by the USGBC Center for Green Schools. The revolutionary school is educating children from Pre-K to Grade 12 in a nature-based, student-centred way, transforming them into tomorrow’s leaders.

Roger Hamilton, the Chairman of Green School, will host the evening with Alan Wagstaff, Green School’s Learning Manager, as they bring their Green Educator Certification (for both teachers and parents) to Australia for the first time.

The evening will also feature Green SuperCamp, which has seen students increase their average grades significantly, with life strategies and learning strategies including memory skills, speed reading and many others, picked up in a fun, exciting week in nature. This is a partnership between Green School and SuperCamp, the world’s leader in student enrichment camps.

Heather Yelland, Co-founder of Green SuperCamp, will be presenting alongside Roger and Alan at these evening events. Heather will be hosting Green SuperCamps in Australia this year.

Bali is on Australia’s doorstep, and many of the families who have been attracted to Green School come from Australia. In these two special events, Green School is coming to you!

19th March – Melbourne (

22nd March – Perth (

Give your child the education of a lifetime

If you are seeking a new paradigm in effective education, don’t miss this opportunity! Join other parents and teachers to learn first-hand how your child can benefit from the education of a lifetime.

For more information and event details, visit:

19th March – Melbourne (

22nd March – Perth (

I look forward to seeing you there,


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