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The Success experience November 21/22nd London.


I’m really excited to be speaking at Alexandra Watson’s event in London on November 21/22nd. Alexandra is a great friend and colleague of mine, who always delivers so much value for her guests and it is guaranteed to be a sparkly one at that!

Alex asked me to come along as one of the keynote speakers for the conference and to share the keys to building a personal trusted brand.  Alex’s events are high energy and a lot of fun so I highly recommend you adding it to your November diary


As Alex says herself…

Look No Further Than Yourself

The roots of what we want most in life, namely; happiness, success and wealth lie deep within us. Every element needed to create these (and some say health too), starts and ends in our ability to master our own minds and developing a successful one.

Much of the time we live with varying degrees of limiting beliefs, self doubt and negativity – all of them living in the mind and have been for a good part of our lives and even though some of us fight to stay as positive as possible, it’s not really enough to plug into our real mental power. For that we need more focus and commitment and a belief that we too have the ability to be successful.

To be successful at being successful is an inside job because the desire to be successful may lie in your heart, but the ability to create success lies in your head. The truth is that ‘success’ lives within you all the time, but your ability to access it depends on your state of mind.

Ready to be more successful? Then join us at The Success Experience 21-22 November, London. For details go here:

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